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Published Date: September 8th, 2006
Category: Pleasure Island

Wow! The Fort Fisher State Recreation Park has several hiking trails including The Hermit Trail (.4miles), The Basin Trail (1mile), and The Marsh Trail (.6miles), for a total Basin Trail, Fort Fisher NCdistance of 1.1 miles.

The price is time, and it’s less than an hour. No appointments necessary, open January thru December, 7 days a week, even on holidays. Young and old will find the trails equally enjoyable and the view is amazing!
The trailhead starts out at the south end of Fort Fisher State Recreation Area Visitor’s Center (maps are available at the center).

Whether you’re apt to take a power walk or a relaxing stroll, this well marked trail covers a diverse terrain with equally entertaining wildlife. Nature is always evolving here. From the groundsel tree and yaupon, an occasional fox or rabbit, to the endangered piping plover that is easily camouflaged in the sand dunes and salt marsh, you are always bound to see something new.

Along the way discover the WWII Bunker that the Fort Fisher Hermit called home over 30 years ago. Here is a picture of the Bunker and a memorial plaque.
normal_Hermitt.jpg normal_100_3994.jpg

Basin Overlook Fort Fisher NC

Not more than ½ mile further down the trail you’ll reach a wooden observation deck where the view over the estuary reminds you of why you call North Carolina home.

MarkM: Here is a 360º panorama I shot while at the Basin Overlook

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