Nice Guys Finish Last: A Rich Jerk Review

Published Date: September 23rd, 2006
Category: Business

Let’s face it. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. Every man for himself. Survival of the fittest. In the world of online business, things are no different. You’re up against tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of competitors in the exact same online business venture you are in. And they are all probably doing most of the strategies that you do yourself just as well, if not better than you. What makes you think YOU of all people could make your internet business survive, if you don’t do something that makes you stand out from everyone else?

That’s where the Rich Jerk comes in. For those of you who have not heard of him, he’s rich, and quite frankly he’s a jerk. In some sort of twisted way, he has the right to be. Despite his rude attitude and foul mouth, his online marketing and advertising strategies are definitely ingenious. He wouldn’t be able to call himself the Rich Jerk if he wasn’t rich, would he?

His book is relatively short, around 60 pages or so. But those are 60 pages filled with information on exactly how he rose to the Rich Jerk status and how you can follow in his footsteps. From business ideas such as affiliate marketing, wholesale buying and reselling, and a whole heap of other ideas, you can definitely find what is right for you. He also tells you how he advertises his business and brings in countless amounts of paying customers; this is what is key.

Now some people criticize his marketing techniques with negativity. They are probably offended by his sales letters which may contain some material inappropriate for children or some excuse like that. Well ignoring the fact that children are too young to be doing these techniques and would most likely not read his site in the first place, his foul attitude grabbed the reader’s attention. This is what’s important, and this is one of the fundamental basis of his success. Think about it: every day you see ads, banners, etc., all telling you that their product is THE one that will make you money, all telling you it’s high quality, begging you to buy their product, and any other kind of fluff. Then all of the sudden the Rich Jerk comes along and insults the potential customer. After seeing countless amounts of ads which pretty much look the same, the one that’s most unusual will stand out and will be more likely to attract potential customers.

I can’t say anymore than what I have already. If you’re serious about making money online and starting an online home business, than his book is definitely a must read. It’ll definitely open your eyes to the possibilities of internet business and marketing. It’s not the bible of all that is online business, but it’s a very handy thing to have when working on your business, or for getting ideas on starting your own.

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