You’ve got to love pets

Published Date: October 15th, 2006
Category: Dogs, Pet Care


Do you have a K-9? That is super-scientifically advanced talk for “dog.” If you are a dog owner, where do you keep him/her? Is it an indoor pet, or does he have to stay outside? This will certainly have some effect on your pet’s personality.

In fact, indoor pets are likely to be happier than ones who’re always forced to stay outdoors.

They just can’t receive the same level of love and affection if kept outside. Now, another concern when owning a dog is dog obedience training. What have you taught your K-9? Does he/she know how to sit, stay, roll over, and stay out of trouble? These are definitely some of the basics, but dog obedience training goes much further than this if you’re interested.

You’ve got to love pets. No matter how rough they have it or how much you’re gone at work; they tend to still love you more than anything. Okay, so I’m really just talking about dogs here. If you’ve ever owned a cat, then you must know that they can be quite bitter if neglected. Just try leaving your feline alone for a week with just food, water and a litter box. He/she may just pee in your shoe or poop on your couch out of mere spite. This is common in the cat community.

They want revenge on those who neglect them. Dogs on the other hand aren’t typically so bitter. Even with out a few dog obedience training classes, your K-9 will still probably do alright. However, if you have what’s considered a vicious dog, who may attack someone at random when you’re walking them, you may want to acquire dog obedience training. This is for your own protection and the protection of your dog. Hey you don’t want your loving pet attacking some child who just happens to look them in the eye. This would be a catastrophe.

I recall one man back where I used to live, who had a young daughter that was attacked by a pit bull, while the owner was out walking him. The aggressive dog leaped forward at the child and bit her face. Later that day the man showed up at the owner’s home and proceeded to beat the pit bull to death with a bat in his kennel. There were no charges brought against him. This is just something to consider when owning a dog. Although you assume your K-9 is perfectly harmless, he/she may need some special attention or dog obedience training. It’s worth looking into.

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