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Published Date: November 4th, 2006
Category: Fashion
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By John Gibb

It used to be that when people heard the term “beach shoes”, they thought of those rubber sandals commonly known as “thongs” or “flip-flops”. Beach shoes were not part of the fashion world; they were just something that you wore on your feet when you went to the beach so that they didn’t get hot. Beach shoes, however, have come a long way, and now there are several different styles from several different manufacturers that are stylish and trendy, but still very useful.

Of course, the rubber flip-flops are still around, and people still wear them, but in this ever-increasingly fashion-conscious world, people are worrying as much about what they wear on their feet to the beach as what they wear on their bodies. And beach shoes aren’t necessarily just for the beach anymore. They are a fashion accessory that can help give you that laid-back “beachy” look, even if you never step foot on the sand.

Flip-flops come in all different types of styles and materials now. There are leather ones that look good on the beach and also look good with casual wear, such as sun dresses for women or Bermuda shorts and polo shirts for men. They also come in materials such as bamboo soles and velvet straps, suede straps and rubbers soles with built-in massaging foot pads, or they can even be made completely out of unusual materials such as hemp or layered denim.

Beach shoes don’t have to be flip-flop styles either; they can be regular sandals that are fashioned to be easily worn and comfortable while walking on the sand, or they can be actual tennis shoes that are designed for running or walking on the sand. Generally, tennis shoe-style beach shoes have a pronounced arch to compensate for the softness of sand, and soft comfortable material to cover the foot for maximum comfort and “breathe-ability”. Jogging on the beach is a popular pastime for those who are lucky enough to live close to the ocean shore, and shoe manufacturers finally started realizing that there was a market for good jogging shoes that were more comfortable for this activity.

The bottom line is that you can make as much of a fashion statement with your beach shoes as you can with any of the other items in your wardrobe. If you live near the beach you should be able to find several shops that sell fashionable beach shoes, but if you live in an area that is nowhere near the beach, such as in the Midwest, you can probably find the best beach shoes by visiting web sites that sell beach clothing or beach shoes in particular.

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