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Published Date: November 21st, 2006
Category: Birds

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By Low Jeremy

The African Gray parrot originated from the wilds of Western and Central Africa. Their existence dates back history 4,000 years ago, seen in Egyptian hieroglyphics depicting parrot pets of ancient pharaohs. Royalties and affluent Roman families kept parrots in ornate cage, so, with the Portuguese sailors who have African Gray pet parrots when the travel on their colonial conquest voyages.

African Gray has two sub-species; the (1) Congo African Gray (Scientific name – P. e. enthacus), and (2) Timneh African Gray Parrot (P. e. timneh). Both sub-species of the African Gray resemble in color, the difference is that the Congo African Gray color shades are deeper than that of the Timneh African Gray.

Obviously, dominant plume hue defines its descriptive-name “Gray;” full tail is red (crimson), bills are charcoal gray, and white background surrounding its eyes. It’s a bit smaller than the Blue and Gold Macaw, and measures 13 inches (33 cm) in size. Weight ranges from 380 to 550 grams.

Acknowledged among the most intelligent birds on earth, it is reputed to excel in talking abilities. It has a life expectancy of 50 to 60 years; twice or thrice compared to any other animal pet, favorable to pet selection for one who desires to get life-long pet companion. Sex is indistinguishable among its kind except if it under goes surgery, or thru DNA tests.

Birds are on sale for so many reasons. There is a great demand for any kind of pet in the entire world. Rich nations whose citizens are not endowed with big families resort to pets for companions. In cases like it, birds who have extended life span comes first in the list of relevant life-time companions to ease pain and loneliness of being alone.

Reasons for Patronizing Sales of the African Gray Parrot

1. This parrot is best in mimicry, regarded most intelligent of all birds.

2. The lengthiest life span among birds; some only last up to 30 years, maximum life of African Gray is 60 years old.

3. Could adapt easily on common fruits, vegetables and nuts as in the wilds, in its human captivity environment.

4. Capable in associating human words with their meanings to certain degree.

5. Claimed by long-time owners as comparable to having a 5-year old child as a companion.

6. Very faithful and devoted for its tendency to bond to only one person, when there were no chances of intermingling with different peoples.

The Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species announced that sale of all parrot “catch,” direct from the forests, are illegal.

Breeders of the African Gray parrots in captivity hand-rear them for the benefit of pet traders. Hybrid African Gray parrots are promoted on pet shops, on the websites and seldom by individuals who incidentally are forced to part with their bird due to unavoidable reasons in their lives.

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