Finding Fido

Published Date: November 23rd, 2006
Category: Dogs

By Dawn Arkin

Picture the scene: you go out for a nice day with the family. Everyone has fun and when the day is over you come back, only to find the back gate wasn’t completely latched. You go into your backyard and find your beloved pet, Fido, is gone. What do you do? How do you get your best friend back?

Losing a pet is a scary experience. You don’t know what has happened to your friend, or even where to start looking. It can be a daunting time, but if you keep your head and follow a few simple steps, you’ll be closer to finding your pet.

First off, be sure to search the area your pet was last seen in carefully. Are there any places he can hide? Be sure he isn’t stuck under the house, or in a garden shed. You’d be amazed at the places a dog or cat can hide in a backyard or house. If you do find him hiding, don’t try to pull him out. Get a favorite treat for him, and show it to him. Dangle his favorite toy or your car keys if he loves to go for drives. But let him come to you.

If you can’t find your pet in your house or backyard, then go looking through your neighborhood. Walk, or drive, calling your pet’s name. Ask your neighbors if they’ve seen him. Be sure to tell your mailman about your missing friend too. Mailmen are around many different neighborhoods and might notice your pet running around. If you don’t find your pet at this point, then it’s time to widen the search.

1. Make a poster with a good picture of your pet. Put on it the words LOST PET: with a description of your pet. Be sure to list the size, fur color, breed, sex, and any distinguishing marks your animal might have. Also, be sure to put a phone number on the poster, so if someone finds your pet, they can call you. Make copies and hang them in your neighborhood and at major intersections. Also, take copies to local pet stores and veterinary offices. Most times, they are very willing to hang a lost poster up and they will be on the lookout for a pet that is brought in injured.

2. Go to the local animal shelters and ask to see the pets brought in that day. You will have to go more than once, and probably every other day, to be sure you don’t miss your pet. Some humane shelters only keep stray pets for a few days before either making them available for adoption or euthanizing them. Even if you dog has a collar, it might not still be on the pet when the shelter gets them. Also, be sure to leave them a flier of your pet, just in case.

3. Call road services in your area. They can tell you if they found any animals that had been killed by cars. While a horrible thought, knowing what happened to your pet will bring closure for you and your family.

4. Place an ad in your local paper in the “Lost Pet” section. Be sure to check the “Found Pets” section as well. Be aware that some people don’t know the difference between the breeds. A basset hound might look like a beagle to someone who isn’t familiar with the breed. Answer any ads that might be your pet, but be ready to be disappointed when they aren’t.

5. If you are offering a reward for the return of your pet, don’t say what that reward amount is. There are some dishonest people out there who call the numbers on lost pet signs and claim to have the person’s pet, demanding money to deliver the pet, then never coming up with the animal. Be wary if people calling demand money.

Finally, don’t give up. Keep checking the shelters. Drive your neighborhood each day. Keep trying to find your pet. Remember, there have been cases of pets being gone months and being found. You just have to keep trying.

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