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Published Date: November 27th, 2006
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By: Josh Harkness

Got a pet? Win a Million! That’s right, your dog, cat, iguana or other pet could win you a cool mill. But how?

First, you need to sign up. Signing up is free. All you need for this is a valid email address (because we will send you a confirmation link to click in order to confirm you are a real person, not a spambot).

The signup page is at, and is really simple.

image 1

Type in a valid email address that belongs to you, a password you would like. Select the right answer from the drop down list (in this case a star), tick the box to agree to our terms and conditions, and then click the button to create your account.

What will happen next is that the system will send a confirmation email to the email address you just specified, containing a confirm link that you can click to actually create your free account. Make sure your email account is set up to receive mails from or we won’t be able to reply! If you don’t know how to do this, here are some whitelist guidelines.

Once you have confirmed your account, you can login. Go to the login page and enter the email address you used to create your account, and the password you specified.

image 2

If you ever forget your password, just use the password recovery feature. This will email your password to your current email address.

When you login, you will be taken to the my account home, which looks like this:-

image 3

From this page you can control everything about your account, including modifying your account details (name, contact email address etc), creating new entry forms for your pets, modifying existing entry forms you have already created, and contacting us, as well as sharing with your friends.

The first thing you will probably want to do is create your first entry form, so click the ‘new entry’ button. This will take you to the following page:-

image 4

You need to type your pet’s name, a description (tip – make this as interesting or fun as you can – you will get more votes that way!) and select what kind of pet you are entering (in this case, Mr Poochie is a dog). The description must be under 255 characters or less – so keep it short and snappy! When ready, press the ‘save’ button to go to step 2.

image 5

This is where you decide what picture hosting you want for this entry. You can have 1 free entry (without pictures). Why do you have to pay for picture hosting? The bottom line is that hosting pictures costs money (the storage on our server, and bandwidth from people looking at your pet soon add up). If you didn’t pay for this, who would? Our charities? By buying hosting for the images of your pet you are actually making a contribution to our charities, rather than costing them money, and you can start from as little as $1.50 (about �0.80p or �1.18) so it’s not a huge expense for a chance to win a million!

Click the button for the picture hosting you want. Choose either 1 picture hosting, or 3, or 5. Obviously, 5 picture hosting is the most economical (and makes the biggest charitable contribution!). It also gives visitors voting for you more images to look at. Our independent payment processor, Paypal, takes most credit cards, and the process takes about 30 seconds. You don’t even need to create a Paypal account if you don’t want to.

When you return to, depending on how much picture hosting you have bought, you will see something like this:-

image 6

To upload your image, it’s important to keep a couple of things in mind.

First, the image must be in ‘jpg’, ‘jpeg’, ‘gif’ or ‘png’ format. Second, the image must be no bigger than 100Kb. There are some tips on how to resize images to get them down to 100Kb or less here

To actually load the image, click the ‘Choose File’ button. This opens a window allowing you to select the image file you want from your own computer. When you have selected the picture you want, click the ‘Upload’ Button. This will actually load your image up onto the server, and make it visible to surfers so they can vote for your pet.

When you have uploaded all the images you want, click the ‘done’ button. The last thing is now to start getting votes for your pet. You, your family, friends, and work colleagues can vote every day, and there are some more tips about getting votes on the site

Remember, all you need to do is to get into the top 20 entries in any month, and you go thru to the Grand Final! That guarantees you a cash prize, and you could even win the Grand Prize of up to a cool Million!

Good luck!

About the AuthorJosh has written this article for, the web’s premier online pet contest. Support charities, and win a million! It doesn’t get much better than that!

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