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Published Date: December 8th, 2006
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By: Charlene J. Nuble

If there is one thing that keeps us alive it’s water and other fluids we put in our body. It is very important that we take in as much vitamins in your drinks so we can maintain a healthy system. But does anybody even still think about that?

Look at your family’s refrigerator and check out all the types of drink inside it. It’s probably just water and milk that you see that can benefit you and your family. Unless you think that the juice inside that tetra pack you just gulped on was healthy? Well let me inform you, it’s not.

It is true that most of the juices in the market have vitamins important in our system; in fact the most common is vitamin c. But aside from vitamin c there are added preservatives that you may have missed to see in the container (or may be they missed to write it there).

This preservative allows you to have a longer shelf life but a shorter life. Aside from the calories you take in you can also get tons of sugar and other additives that if taken in huge amounts are potentially dangerous for your health.

Another most common drink commonly available in everyone’s refrigerators is soda. Carbonated drinks are never going to be a health drink. If you do some researching you might even be astonished as to what some colas can do for cleaning your house. If its good for cleaning do you think its good to take it in your body? Unless of course your other favorite drinks are cleaning detergents?

A little information for cola drinkers: your body will have less ability to absorb important nutrients needed for the body to function properly. They not only deter bone and teeth growth they also give a huge impact on gain weight.

The wisest thing you can do for your family is to change the habit. Remove all the unhealthy and sugar loaded juices inside your refrigerator and start anew.

Here are the best drinks that are not loaded with sugar and are instead loaded with vitamins for a healthier you:

Water Water will sustain your life. In fact you can live with just drinking water for 7 days without eating. But of course that would be silly to try because you also need nutrition. It may be plain but it is the healthiest thing on earth. It has no calories or artificial sweeteners that can harm you. Just make sure your water is clean. For a little change you can add slices of citrus fruits in your water.

Sport drinks These drinks are loaded with vitamins and minerals. It is good especially for very active people who need an energizing drink. Just make sure to read the label and look at the calories and the sugar content and the other ingredients that are not vitamins and minerals.

Milk This is one of the most common and well advertised liquid in America (aside from carbonated beverages). The best types of milk are soy milk and the low fat ones available in any grocery store.

Tea Be sure that the tea you are drinking is not presweetened. Choose the ones that are either still in leaves or in a bag. The better ones are the ones made from real plants and herbs. If you want a sweet tea add honey not sugar.

Fruit juice If it comes in a tetra pack give that juice some thought. There are probably a lot of additives inside plus loads of sugar too. Choose ones that are 100% real fruit juice or if you want to be sure, why don’t you try squeezing some fruits yourself. You can make unique smoothies or drinks.

Vegetable juice You can also try fruit juices like tomatoes. They are also loaded with vitamins and minerals that you can easily take in.

Choose to be healthy! Drink healthy!

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