Santas Workshop -Diary of an Elf – Day 15

Published Date: December 11th, 2006
Category: General

By Ashlee Williams

Hello Boys and Girls,

We have been working very hard today ~ the little red wagons are almost finished, the games are complete and only need to be put into their boxes. Mrs. Claus finished sewing the bride doll clothes and started working on the boys outfit for the wedding. The Senior elves are working on the doll houses ~ painting the outside and all the floors. I worked on the girls tea sets most of the day. I also helped carry some finished toys over to the Good Boys and Girls Room in Santa’s house. It looks so nice in there with all the different colored toys stacked up along the walls. Makes you wish Christmas Eve was tonight.

It is snowing and the wind is blowing the snow into giant drifts. Mrs. Claus got a movie rental and the older elves are watching it.

Santa bought several bags of marshmallows and he’s letting some of us roast them in the fireplace in his living room. I can’t wait to start!! I ate one all ready and they’re so delicious! He’s starting the fireplace so it won’t be too long before we start.

Oh no!! The power just went out. It’s certainly dark in here, but the flames from the fireplace gives some light. Guess we can still roast marshmallows in the dark. Can’t we?

Well, I have to leave now as the battery on my computer is about to wear out. Santa says the fire is almost ready so I better go get my marshmallows before they are all eaten. I’ll tell you all about it next time.

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