Home Steam Cleaners – Are They Any Good?

Published Date: December 13th, 2006
Category: Home Improvement

By James C

The home steam cleaner market has completely exploded. If you go to your local home improvement store you will see a dozen different home steam cleaners. But are they worth the money or will they become just a waste of space? Read this article and find out.

Home steam cleaners can be worth the money if you put them to the right use. They are generally advertised as being the cure all for your carpeting. The makers would like you to think that you will never need to hire a carpet cleaning company again. This couldn’t/t be more wrong. Just ask anyone who has ever tried to clean their entire home with one. They will tell you that it took them nearly all day and the cleaner lacked the power to extract deeply embedded soil. Nothing replaces a professional carpet cleaning.

So these machines are just a waste of space right? Wrong. They can be a worthwhile tool if you use them to do what they are best at. Use them as a home spotter for maintenance between cleanings. They make great spotters and can definitely extend the time between professional cleanings. This alone will allow them to pay for themselves.

So the decision is up to you. If you are buying a home steam cleaner so that you will never have to hire a carpet cleaner again you are better off saving your money. If on the other hand you are buying a home steam cleaner to do some occasional spotting and extend the time between cleanings you should go ahead and buy one. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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