Animals As Pets – A Healthy Choice

Published Date: December 15th, 2006
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By Chris Campbell

Animals as pets, seems a silly notion to me. The only animals I’ve really kept as pets would be fish. And many animal lovers who have pets, would probably disagree with me as to the classification of fish as pets. Whatever. While I enjoy other peoples animal pets, I’m sure none of them would classify me as an animal lover. A recent turn of events may however have a long term effect on my relationship with animals. Having recently caved to our children’s long term lobbying efforts to have a family dog as a pet, it appears that I will be sharing my home with an animal of the non-aquatic variety very soon.

Stress Out The Dogs

The thought of sharing my domicile with an animal has me a little stressed out. However, that should be short lived, as according to many experts living with an animal is supposed to help relieve stress in humans. Not exactly sure why that is. Perhaps having a creature you can speak your mind to, that has no recourse but to agree with you? Sometimes us human animals just need someone to listen, and agree with everything we say. Maybe the constant reminder of an animal who has no control over what they eat, where they sleep, how they play, and what goofy clothes they wear, makes people realize that maybe things aren’t so bad for them. Could be worse, you could be a dog.

First Puppy Wins US Open

Apparently exercise is supposed to be another benefit of keeping an animal in the house. Taking them out for walks, playing catch, and bending over to pick up dogie poo all seem wonderful. Really? I tend to like my exercise to be more of the competitive variety. Any chance rover can learn to pick up a tennis racquet? Animals playing sports? Now that’s got potential.

Animals As People Magnets

Need to find some new friends? Get an animal. Your guaranteed to meet other animal lovers, as they all walk their dogs / cats / hamsters through the park. Not so sure these are the best kind of people for me to meet though. Never have been much of an animal lover, so I’m not to sure how I’d fit in with this group. Those people with the big nasty attack dogs always scare me a little. It’s not so much the animal I worry about however, it’s really the owners that concern me. What would posses someone to want to own an animal that could kill you while you sleep is truly beyond me.

Animal Therapist

Apparently animals make great therapists. Hmm, maybe they meant animals are good therapy. That whole unconditional love and admiration thing. Not like the animals have much choice. Seems like a pretty one sided relationship to me. Well hopefully all the animal experts are right and there is some good (therapeutic or otherwise) to living with animals. I hope so, otherwise I may soon be the one in need of a therapist. Preferably a human one.

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