Santa Claus Workshop ~ Diary of an Elf ~ 10 days left

Published Date: December 15th, 2006
Category: General

By Ashlee Williams

Hi everyone!

We had a great time at our skiing lesson this morning. Charlie, Crystal and I spent more time on the ground than on our skis. Although we fell down a lot, we did not get hurt.

We have a great teacher, his name is Galaxy. Well his real name is Glenn Galaxy, but he wants us to call him Galaxy.

When we first met Galaxy this morning we were kind of afraid of him because he looks kind of funny – spikey green and orange hair and three three earrings in each ear. He even has tattoos on some of his fingers.

Galaxy is really funny; everytime we fell down he would copy us to show us what we did wrong. We were all laughing so hard we were almost crying.

Cupid came skiing with us as Santa wanted him to get some extra exercise (remember Cupid has to lose 23 pounds before Christmas). Well Cupid did not actually ski, he pulled our sled to the top of the hill and we would ski down. Then Cupid would meet us at the bottom and pull us back up the hill. Cupid must of had fun also, as he asked Santa if he can go skiing with us again tomorrow morning.

After our skiing lesson we went back to Santa’s house and had some hot chocolate and then it was off to work.

I worked all afternoon on Santa’s letters. You would not believe how many sacks of letters he receives every day. Santa already has 6 rooms stuffed full of letters I have to type into the computer.

Today Santa saw how many letters he received and could not believe there were so many. Santa thinks there are too many letters for me to type so he decided he is going to buy me a scanner. Rather than type the letters I will be able to scan the letters into the computer. That’s a relief! I was starting to worry about getting the letters done before Christmas eve.

Oh by the way, did you send Santa your wish list yet? Santa wanted me to remind you to send your letters in early. He wants to make sure he was enough toys for everyone.

Well it is getting late so I better say goodnight. I have to put on my pajamas before Mrs. Claus calls us for our snack. I want to get to bed early so I will be ready to go skiing in the morning.

See you tomorrow!

Ashlee the elf

Ashlee Williams is a writer of the happenings at the North Pole, through a diary of an elf who works for Santa. Why not check this site out ~ You’ll be surprised at all the problems that Santa encounters while trying to get all the toys finished before Christmas Eve. Visit us soon!!Article Source:

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