Santas Workshop ~ Diary of an Elf ~ 9 Days Left

Published Date: December 16th, 2006
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Hi everyone!

How are you doing. I am not feeling too well today. I have been coughing all day long. Mrs. Claus would not even let me go to my skiing lesson this morning. I told her I was well enough to ski but she still would not let me go.

Since I have a cold I was not allowed to work in the toyshop today. I guess Santa was afraid everyone else would catch my cold. So I sat by the fireplace scanning Santa’s letters into the computer. I still cannot believe how many letters Santa receives. I hope he has enough toys for everyone.

While I was working on Santa’s letters I must of fallen asleep. Because when I woke up Mrs. Claus was ringing the bell for supper. At supper Mrs. Claus told me I was asleep for almost 3 hours. I cannot believe that I slept for so long. Santa says the cough medicine I took at lunchtime probably made me sleepy.

Santa says we are going to be really busy for the next few days because we have to get the reindeer ready for their inspections. The Reindeer inspector is going to visit us on Tuesday.

I bet you did not know that Santa has to get a special license from the Reindeer Board of Health to deliver presents on Christmas eve? A Reindeer inspector has to visit us every year to make sure the reindeer are healthy and that the sleigh is safe.

We almost did not pass inspection last year because Rudolph was playing one of his jokes. Rudolph had all the reindeer put heavy weights on their hoofs. So when the inspector weighed them they were all overweight. At first the inspector would not give Santa his license because the reindeer were too fat. Then the Reindeer started laughing and took the weights off their hoofs. It was so funny that everyone started laughing; even the crabby inspector.

Well I better be saying goodnight. It is almost snacktime. Since I am sick, Mrs. Claus let me choose our snack tonight. So we are having peanut butter on Ritz crackers and chocolate milk (yum!).

See you tomorrow!

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