History of Domestic Pets

Published Date: December 17th, 2006
Category: General

By Dawn Rose

Pets have been around since the beginning of time. Cats are among the first to be domesticated. They were thought to be domesticated from the African wild cat. The cat is a predator and very intelligent. They supposedly hunt over 1,000 species. Cats have been domestic pets since Ancient Egypt times. They were around in circa 4000 b.c. and their job was keeping mice and rats away. Although this was what they were initially kept for, cats are trainable and obey simple commands, so after a while they became a companion.

The dog was domesticated from Wolves as recent as 15,000 years ago or possibly as early as 100,000 years ago. Domestication is the way we as humans biologically altered a mammal to live in our company. The dog was thought to have been from East Asia. The early settlers brought domestic dogs over to North America with them. The first were the Chow, Shar Pei, Akita Inu, Shiba Inu and the Basenji. These breeds are associated with China, which seems to be behind the theory of domestic dogs originating in East Asia. Dogs are very social animals, which is probably why we brought them into our households. They are trainable, playful and lovable. Most dogs are “pack” oriented. They treat the human owner as one of their pack or as their pack leader as they would another dog. Dogs were initially used for work and protection and then in time became more like a part of the family.

There is really only a small number of animals we would actually consider pets. The first were dogs, cats and birds. Pets have over the years been known for several things. Even though we do not know the exact original origin of domesticated animals, we do know the reasons for humans need for them. The reasons people have these domestic animals are far and wide. Health is huge one. Studies say that people live longer healthier lives when they have a pet as a companion. Loneliness is another one. Pets are affectionate loving creatures that cure loneliness for many people. Dogs especially have taken an amazing role in leading the blind. Dogs are trained to protect and lead a blind person in everyday life.

Regardless of your reason for owning a pet, it is clear that pets serve a distinct function in human day-to-day life. It is also clear that pets are here to stay whether you are a dog lover, a cat lover or use pets for other recreational events such as equestrian activities or hunting we know that you love and care for your pets.

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