Santas Workshop ~ Diary of an Elf ~ 1 Week

Published Date: December 18th, 2006
Category: General

By Ashlee Williams

Hello everyone!

I had a super busy day today. First thing this morning (7:30 A.M.) I had my skiing lesson. Then I worked on scanning Santa’s mail into the computer. I love to work on Santa’s mail…everyone sends him such nice letters.

After lunch I went to work in the toyshop. You should see the toyshop, it is packed from floor to ceiling with toys.

Crystal, Bobbijean, Charlie, and I wrapped toys in pretty Christmas paper all afternoon. We had a lot of fun…Mrs. Claus brought us some warm cider and we sang Christmas carols while we worked. It was funny watching Charlie tie the bows on the boxes. No matter how hard he tried, the bows looked silly. So if you receive a Christmas present with a weird looking bow; remember Charlie probably wrapped it.

At around 5:30 Mrs. Claus called us in for supper. After all that work I was starving. We had Macaroni and Cheese with yummy chocolate pudding for dessert.

After supper Darren, the security elf at the toyshop, called Santa to tell him someone had unwrapped some of the toys. We all grabbed our coats and ran to the toyshop. There were about ten unwrapped toys and torn christmas paper all over the floor. At first we did not know who would do such a mean thing, then we saw the dogs, Sparkles and Freddie, hiding in the corner. They both had wrapping paper stuck to their noses. They looked so funny that we all started to laugh.

After we picked up the toyshop we went to Santa’s house for popcorn and a game of Scrabble (Mrs. Claus won!).

Well it is getting late so I better say goodnight.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Ashlee Williams writes a daily report from the North Pole, through the diary of an elf, who works for Santa. Why don’t you visit her at It is really amazing all the problems that Santa encounters while he is making all the toys for that great night!Article Source:

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