Santa’s Workshop ~ Diary of an Elf ~ 4 days

Published Date: December 20th, 2006
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By Ashlee Williams

Hello Boys and Girls,

I am very tired tonight after staying up so late last night writing a letter to you. Can you believe I did not go to bed until after 10:30. I usually go to bed at 9 o’clock.

Santa made us get up early this morning to shovel a path to the toyshop for Mrs. Claus before we ate breakfast. I did not mind missing breakfast since we only had oatmeal (yuck!). After everyone else ate breakfast I snuck into the kitchen and Dorrie, a friend of Mrs. Claus, made me a yummy Peanut Butter Sandwich.

We have been very busy here at Santa’s Workshop. Today we all had to carry the finshed toys over to Santa’s house and put them in the Good Boys and Girls Room in Santa’s house. We already filled three rooms with toys and another room is half filled.

Although we worked really hard today we also had some fun at Santa’s house. We played hide and seek in the rooms with all of the toys. Casey, the really tall elf, accidentally knocked over a stack of baseball gloves, so it took us a while to pick them up. Just as we finished cleaning up the Gloves, Santa walked into the room. Luckily Santa did not notice what had happened to the gloves or else we would have been grounded again. Last month we were not allowed to watch television because we skipped work and went sliding.

Mrs. Claus officially opened the “Wish List” Post Office today. This is the Post Office where you send all of your Christmas wish letters to Santa. You would not believe how many letters Santa has already received from children all over the world. Some of the bigger elves spent the afternoon carrying sacks of mail from the Post Office to Santa’s living room.

The reindeer were not behaving again today. Vixen was being mean and teasing poor Cupid about being fat (Remember Santa put Cupid on a diet the other day.). Well Cupid got so mad that he tripped Vixen. Vixen fell down and cut his leg on the edge of a shovel. I got scared when I saw the blood and ran to get help from the Barn elf, Wynn who put a bandage on the cut. Wynn said Vixen has to rest his leg for several days and cannot exercise with the other reindeer.

When Santa heard the news about Vixen, he was very angry. My friend Rena told me Santa is getting tired of the reindeer misbehaving and that he is going to have a Special Reindeer meeting tomorrow night to yell at them. I don’t think Santa will really yell at the reindeer. He is too nice for that. If I get to go to the meeting tomorrow night, I will tell you what happens.

Well, boys and girls, I hear Mrs. Claus ringing the bell so our bedtime snack must be ready. I hope it is a dish of ice cream with chocolate topping!! Doesn’t that sound good? Or maybe a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Both are my favorites.

Goodnight! See you tomorrow

Ashlee Williams is a writer about the happenings at the North Pole, through the diary of an elf. Why not visit her at: It is very interesting to read all the troubles that Santa has getting his toys ready for Christmas Eve. Why don’t you check it out?Article Source:

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