Santas Workshop ~ Diary of an Elf ~ 3 days left

Published Date: December 21st, 2006
Category: General

By Ashlee Williams

Hi everyone!

We had a great day. Our bake sale was a real success. We made almost $2,000. Well, we actually only made $1,000 but Santa donated another $1,000. So we now have enough money to buy new decorations to decorate our entire town. The Christmas tree in our common will have a bright shining star now, when we get the new decorations. Probably will go shopping later this week! I can’t wait!

Everyone liked the Gingerbread house that Crystal and I made. It turned out beautiful and everyone raved about it. We raffled it off to the highest bidder for $55.00.

Mrs. Claus bought all kinds of goodies at the bake sale. My favorite was the Peanut Butter cookies. We all ate so many snacks today that nobody was hungry at suppertime.

The best part of the bake sale was when Santa, Rudolph and Blitzen arrived with the sleigh. Santa let the children (even some grownups!) climb into the sleigh and have their pictures taken with him. You should of seen Rudolph, he is such a show-off, he loves to have his picture taken.

After the bake sale Mrs. Claus took a group of us girls shopping for Christmas decorations. We bought a lot of cool things. You should see the sparkling star we bought for the big tree on the common.

We didn’t have time to buy all our decorations today so we are going shopping again on Saturday.

Well I better say goodnight. Mrs. Claus is calling us for our hot chocolate. Then we have to go to bed.

Talk to you tomorrow

Ashlee Williams writes a daily report from the North Pole, through a diary of an elf who works in the Toyshop. Why not visit You’ll find it interesting as all those problems arise while Santa is making all the toys.Article Source:

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