Christmas Gifts From the Heart

Published Date: December 22nd, 2006
Category: Holiday Fun

By: Merna Schmidt

Christmas can be a special time, and much less stressful and financially draining, when you give from your heart instead of from the store. Think of the person you’re giving – what makes them special, what would they really love that would touch their heart, what do you love about them – and use that as inspiration as to what to give. Here are some ideas that are sure to create a heartfelt Christmas with meaning.

Instead of a store bought gift, give personalized gifts from the heart such as making up a coupon book. Coupons can be for breakfast in bed, a massage, running a bubble bath, homemade cookies, a hug, shoveling the walks, etc. etc. This is a really great idea for anyone, but especially kids to make for their family members. It gets them thinking about what Mom and Dad, or brother or sister, would really like (develops empathy), gets them designing coupons (develops creativity), and then the fun of giving something the recipient would love (develops a sense of power and the feeling of how by giving we get back even more in good feelings).

Find a photo of the person you’re giving to where they’re doing something they love or in a favorite place of theirs (maybe a photo that you’re in too!), and put it in a special frame. It’s a very personal gift that can be reminders of beautiful memories.

Find a poem that describes what you love or appreciate about the recipient, or one that speaks to what you wish for that person. If you have an inclination, write the poem yourself! These ones are especially personal and treasured. Get it framed and for a more professional look, take it to a store that engraves invitations and get them to print it up.

Do you remember what gifts you got last year?? Probably not, but this next idea will definitely be remembered and hardly costs a thing! Make an appreciation book or box! I’m tired of hearing how great people were at their funerals. Let’s tell them while they’re living!! Take pieces of paper and on each one, write something you admire or appreciate about that person. If you want to make it more fun, include others that know that person and have them write a paper (or 2 or 3…) as well. If you want, take colored pieces of paper and cut them into different shapes to liven it up. I’m going to make an appreciation box for my Mom this Christmas and include others in on the fun. I can hardly wait to see her face as she reads through it!

If you’d rather make a book instead, write each idea on a separate page. What would be better than receiving in writing, all the ways a person has inspired and blessed others. This is a gift that will definitely be treasured and enjoyed often!

Find someone that may be spending Christmas alone and invite them to join you and your family for Christmas. We’ve been doing this for years and my sister has been especially good at finding people – even a friend one year who was born into a Jewish family but did not really adhere to the Jewish religion. She invited him to experience a traditional Christmas celebration and he had a great time!

“Remember, if Christmas isn’t found in your heart, you won’t find it under a tree.” ~ Charlotte Carpenter

About the AuthorMerna Schmidt is a Speaker, Trainer, Life Coach, and Director of CareTrek,, an organization that arranges volunteer experiences in South Africa. As well, she owns Impact With Heart Coaching & Consulting. To receive her free monthly ezine, go to to sign up.

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