Fun Halloween Ideas for Kids

Published Date: October 22nd, 2007
Category: Holiday Fun

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By Mila Sidman Alice Seba

Halloween is much loved time by kids and grownups too… The build up to it is such an exciting time. Indulge your kids excitement this Halloween by trying one of these fun Halloween ideas.

Your Own Haunted House – decorate your house with cobwebs, plastic spiders, and other scary Halloween must haves. You don’t have to go out and decorate the whole house (although that would be fun too), you can choose one “scary” room and make that your Halloween haunted room.

And don’t forget the outside. Gather lots of pumpkins, acorns, dried corn and other autumn and Halloween items and decorate your front and back yard. You can cut out a huge witch profile made out of felt and stick it to the side of your house or garage for extra fun.

Toast Marshmallows – Invite a few kids over and toast marshmallows and read ghost stories. You don’t have to wait for Halloween to do this, do it a few days before to keep the momentum going. And don’t forget the nice hot chocolate or witch’s brew too.

Scary Snacks – A few days before Halloween prepare some scary food snacks to set the theme. Use scary themed cookie cutters to make scary sandwiches, cookies or even tortilla chips. Make a scary Halloween punch and enjoy.

Halloween Crafts – Have fun with Halloween arts and crafts, use construction paper, felt, and anything else you can find to make Halloween cards or decorations for the house. The kids will really enjoy it and it’s nice to add some special homemade touches to your scary house.

Whatever you do this Halloween remember kids love this time of the year so don’t limit it to just one day, set the theme for the perfect Halloween by building up to it with a few fun kid Halloween activities.

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