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Published Date: October 27th, 2007
Category: Dogs

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by Tina Blackwell
A cocker spaniel can be an absolute joy of a pet. The breed is very trusting, and always wants to please everybody. This means that, despite popular belief, a cocker is very much a home and people loving pet, rather than an outside working dog.

Being the owner of a cocker spaniel is as fun, as it is rewarding. Be aware that the average age of the breed is between twelve to fifteen years. Personality wise they are very bright, very intelligent and happy dogs overall. They can be extremely lively, and when they see people they can get enormously excited. They adore the presence of humans.

They are intelligent dogs, happy to learn and easy to train. However, you must train them properly. Giving them a harsh training style will yield few results. They are very sensitive and need to be treated with so called kids gloves when it comes to training. However, if you positively enforce good habits, you will reap the rewards of a well trained dog.

They not only have an abundance of energy, they have an abundance of personality and an abundance of love. They are especially recommended for older people and families with grown up children.

Health wise, the cocker is generally healthy, but there are a few, especially inherited problems, which you should be aware of. They can be prone to ear infections, eye infections, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, kidney problems amongst others. However, these health problems are brought up here only to make you aware of them.

In general, you can be content in the knowledge that a cocker spaniel is a healthy, happy dog, which will be your faithful partner for a long time to come.
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