Letters From Santa Claus

Published Date: November 25th, 2007
Category: Holiday Fun


Nothing is more exciting to our children than the thought of Santa during the Christmas season. I can remember looking out the window on a cold December night in Whitehouse Texas and hoping to see Santa and all his reindeer flying by. I never had any direct contact with Santa Claus except for a glass of milk and cookie that mysteriously dissapeared in the middle of the night 😉

Now with the power of the Internet and a creative team of Santa’s elves your child can receive a letter directly from Santa. Yes! That’s right a letter directly from the North Pole with the proper post mark and everything. All you have to do is login to Santa’s website and send your child’s name, age and some accomplishments that your child has completed over the last year. Santa will send a letter that is tailored for your child and only your child. The letter will be created on very professional stationary that will make your children know EXACTLY who the letter is from. The best way to initiate the letter from Santa is to first understand what your children want for Christmas and have this reflected in the letter. Santa will say all kinds of nice things and get your children in the good ole Christmas spirit right away! So what are you waiting on? You better hurry because Santa will be leaving soon!

You can visit the following website to create this amazing Christmas for your children:


Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! And enjoy it with a letter from SANTA!

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