Santas Workshop – The Diary of the Elf – Day 1

Published Date: November 25th, 2007
Category: General

By Ashlee Williams

Hello everyone!

I am an elf, who works for Santa Claus. This has been a very busy day for all of us, as time is passing so quickly and we have so many toys to make and deliver on Christmas Eve. Today we were making dolls and dressing them in such pretty clothes! Tom, the Senior elf, painted a dolls faces and all the colors ran together, so he had to start all over. Another elf, Sue, dropped a can of paint on a carton of doll faces, so these had to be redone. Then the elves who were busy sewing the dolls dresses, had to stop working as the electricity went out for several hours. Even though we had all these drawbacks it was a very profitable day and I know there will be plenty of dolls for all the GOOD LITTLE GIRLS!!

The weather is starting to turn cold here at the North Pole. We had to start wearing our winter clothes. Santa started the reindeer on an exercise program so they’ll be in good shape for their trip on Christmas eve. Rudolph didn’t like to do the exercises, but he finally agreed to it.

Well, folks, that’s all for today. Tune in tomorrow for the latest news from Santa and the North Pole.


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