Tis the Season to Treat – Holiday Gifts for Your Pampered Pet

Published Date: November 26th, 2007
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Looking for unique ideas and gifts for the holiday season for your whole family? If you’re like me, your favorite accessory probably has fur, four legs and a tail. I adore my constant companion and she definitely gets treated like royalty. When shopping for the holidays, I get the most excited shopping for my dog. I know she likes the bones and treats, but this year I couldn’t resist trying a few new gifts on for size. If you’ve ever thought about accessorizing your four legged friend with the fabulous outfits and chic and unique pet apparel for the holidays, you’re in for a real treat. Festive holiday dog apparel is just one of the seasons hottest trends in fashion must haves. From dog dresses, dog sweaters and hoodies to t-shirts, pajamas and pretty dog collars for Fluffy, fashion is no longer just for the upright type.

Sure some people think this kind of behavior is frivolous and frown upon dressing up you pet like a little princess or donning your stout bulldog in a tough and gruff hoodie, but who cares what they think? There’s always the people that judge and critique and forget that life is meant to have a little fun. Some people express concerns about whether or not pets like being dressed up or not, who knows? Until we can speak the same language as the animal kingdom, we’ll never really know for sure if Batty likes posing and wearing Chanel, but one thing is certain is that a pet adored and paid attention to, is far happier than one neglected and abused. So what’s the harm in pampering our four legged friends?

Dressing up the pups has been around for ages, but it’s only been in recent years that it has grown in popularity. From celebrities carrying their precious chihuahuas, to people like William Wegman who makes a living by playing dress up with his weimaraners and taking funny, beautiful and unique photographs of his four legged models. Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, we’ve seen all the celebrities dress their pets to the nines and holiday apparel is no exception.

This season, whether you’re looking to pamper your pet with unique toys and dog beds or celebrate the season in style, you can find all sorts of festive holiday dog apparel at pretty affordable prices. One site, www.MichiPet.com even has the most adorable Mrs. Claus dress and Santa Paws outfit that would make anyone crack a smile. Imagine greeting your guests with your little Fido decking the halls in his very best Santa’s Little Helper Sweater. Another great idea would be to make your own holiday cards using your pet as the focal point. Nothing warms the heart better than animals do, and even better seeing one dressed in an adorable outfit brings a smile to us all.

So lighten the mood, spread the holiday cheer and be a little jolly with pet style and make this season one to remember for you and your guests, and I guarantee that treating your best friend has never been this much fun. You can find all sorts of holiday gifts for your pampered pet and even find chic and unique pet apparel for the holidays.

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