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Published Date: November 28th, 2007
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The powers of natural stones are unlimited. We see beautiful gem stone necklaces all the time. Sometimes it’s beauty entraps us and there is no other thought but, what about it’s natural healing and mystical powers? Where is it’s name derived from? Is there really a benefit from wearing pure natural stones? A beautiful gem stone necklace can do more than just compliment your wardrobe. Here just a few interesting stones and their unique properties.

Name’s Origin: It’s name is derived from the Amazon River but, no deposits have been found there.
Color: Amazonite varies in color from yellow-green to blue-green and may also exhibit fine white streaks.
Healing Ability: Amazonite makes your skin better. Releases fear and anxiety.
Mystical Power: Amazonite makes your married life happier. ????
Shopping Note: Note that amazonite is frequently confused with jade.

Name’s Origin: Agate derives its name from the Greek “Agate” – happy. According to another theory the word Agate comes from the Greek name of a stone found in the Achates River in Sicily, now known as the Drillo River, which still remains a major source of this stone.
Color: Agates range from transparent to opaque in a variety of beautiful colors.
Healing Ability: Agate is cooling stone, it reduces fever, quenches thirst, beneficial in stomach area. It quiets the pulse and heart throbs and insures good health and a long and prosperous life.
Mystical Power: Agate guards against danger. Wearers become temperate, continent and cautious. It helps one view themselves with more clarity and see the world through a broader viewpoint. Wearing Agate is believed to cure insomnia and to insure pleasant dreams.

Name’s Origin: The term chalcedony is derived from the name of the ancient Greek town Chalkedon in Asia Minor.
Color: Chalcedony is commonly pale blue, yellow, brown or gray with nearly wax-like luster. A white, buff, or light tan species of chalcedony are also occurred. Chalcedony is an inexpensive stone. It is one of the best wearing stones on the market. Healing Ability:This stone is believed to banish fear, hysteria, depression, mental illness and sadness. Chalcedony reduces fever. Wearing chalcedony is believed to be excellent for eyes.
Mystical Power: Promotes calm and peace. Chalcedony also stimulates creativity.
Shopping Note: Chalcedony is an inexpensive stone. It is one of the best wearing stones on the market. Chalcedony also one of the most collected gemstones today.

Name’s Origin: Discovered by Obsius in Ethiopia, obsidian is named after him.
Color: Obsidian is usually black. Other colors include: brown, gray, red, blue and green, clear, orange, yellow.
Healing Ability: Obsidian is often used for gaining clear insight into problems.
Mystical Power: Obsidian is often used for gaining clear insight into problems. Obsidian stabilizes and is a chastiser.
Shopping Note:Obsidian is often confused with smoky quartz because of a similar chemistry.

Name’s Origin: Alexandrite is named after Czar Alexander’s II.
Color: Because of its great power of absorption of certain colors, alexandrite looks green in daylight and reddish purple in artificial light.
Healing Ability: Alexandrite helps fighting low self-esteem. Improves central nervous system disorders. Alexandrite relieves spleen & pancreas problems.
Mystical Power: Alexandrite is a stone of good omen. Alexandrite can assist one in centering the self, reinforcing self-esteem, and increases ones ability to experience joy.
Shopping Note:Alexandrite is a beautiful rare stone which is quite expensive. It is very difficult to find natural alexandrite. Most Alexandrites on the market are synthetic.

So, the next time you feel the need to reduce fear, try wearing an Amonzonite stone necklace. Or if you just want a rare and beautiful stone, look for an authentic Alexandrite stone.

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