Cat Grooming – The Basics

Published Date: December 3rd, 2007
Category: Cats

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Cats are one of the most loved pets in the world. Cat lovers around the globe understand the needs and demands of their feline pets, especially when it comes to cat grooming. Cats often clean their faces after meals, lick themselves regularly as if taking a bath, and even file their nails on the scratching post. Truly, they should be treated royalty for having such habits. Grooming your cat may seem to be a tough job, but take it as if you’re just doing small favors for your cat. First, you have to examine your cat’s skin and coat. You may know if your cat’s coat is unhealthy if it is uneven and dry, sometimes may have scales and scabs. You can also smell your cat’s coat if it has bad odor. If all of these are present, check on your cat’s diet. You may be giving your cat the wrong kind of food and your cat’s not getting proper nutrition. Also, the coat of your cat should be combed and brushed regularly. Cats should be brushed daily to prevent their furs from tangling and looking rowdy. Just don’t forget to use the proper tools like quality steel combs that won’t hurt your cats. Ask some professional pet groomers what are the ideal hygiene tools you needed specifically for your pet.

Your cat’s nails should be clipped from time to time. Indoor cats need their nails to be clipped unlike outdoor cats that use their long nails for defense, climbing, and balance. If you’re not used to clipping your cat’s nails, try to bring it to pet grooming salons where pet groomers can teach you the proper way of doing it. You can also ask them to teach you techniques to make your cat comfortable first before clipping its nails.

Cats need brushing their teeth too. You can brush kitty’s teeth at least once or twice a week. Brushing your cat’s teeth will remove plaque build-up that may lead to gum disease and other dental problems. Or, bring your cat to pet to your vet or a pet groomer and let him or her do some professional cleaning in your cat’s mouth. It is also important not to use toothbrushes and toothpastes used by humans. A lot of special dental cleaning tools are available in every pet shop or pet stores.

We all know that most cats hate being sprinkled or bathed. Well, they actually hate getting wet. But yes, cats don’t need frequent baths. Bathe your cat only if you feel that it needs one. Use shampoos, conditioners, and soaps intended only for cats. Again, the shampoos and conditioners that we use shouldn’t be applied on them. If your cat has allergies or skin problems, ask a veterinarian for medications. Don’t ever use a product without asking the opinion of the professionals. Well, these are just basic tips on how to groom your cats. Just don’t put too much attention to grooming them, let them have quality time with you. Just like other pets, they need exercise, fun, and sleep. Just don’t forget to give the attention and care they are worthy of. For more information, visit this site on cat grooming.

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