Christmas, Teach Your Children The True Meaning Of Christmas

Published Date: December 18th, 2007
Category: Holiday Fun

By Wycliffe Williams

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. We should take the opportunity to discuss the origins of Christmas and the attitude of giving with our children. We should allow our children to participate in the Christmas school plays and church school plays.

Over the years commercialism has drowned out the true meaning of Christmas. It is up to us as parents to restore Christmas back to its rightful place. We can start in our own homes with our own families.

Family togetherness, unconditional love and goodwill should be the bywords of Christmas. Stories and pictures about the origins of Christmas should be all around our homes. Our churches should be taking a major role in spreading the true Christmas spirit.

Our church should have many small social activities leading up to one major event that will take place very close to Christmas day. All families should be required to attend. With a view to inviting another family. The invited family should be a family that does not attend church on a regular basis.

Make sure your children are directly involved in at least one charity event over the holiday. They can donate a toy or even help with a fundraising drive for those less fortunate.

Try not to purchase toys that overwhelm the children. Yes, make sure the toy will make your child feel special. However, that can be done without overkill. Be sure to remind them of the true gift of Christmas which is baby Jesus.

Construct as many gifts as you can with the children. Set aside special time for this. Make a big fuss over the time that is set aside. Prepare for the time and be sure that you have all the tools necessary for a successful time.

Working with the children on the different Christmas crafts and cards reinforces in their minds the significance of the season. The families who do not go to church can still do so much to instill in the minds of their children the Christmas spirit.

Make the Christmas tree the center of the living room. Take the time to downgrade the television set. If you must, watch television only at certain times. Then turn it off. Watch Christmas programs only.

If you are serious about resurrecting the spirit of Christmas then the focus must be on family and the things that a family does together. Purchase books about Christmas in other faraway countries.

Your children will gain an understanding and respect for different cultures and their traditions. Christmas is not just celebrated in their corner of the world. Show them that it is a world wide celebration.

Set a night or two aside for a drive to see the lights. That is always fun. Try your level best to include grandma and grandpa in the family outings. Children just love when grandparents tell stories of their childhood.

You are building memories for your children and for your entire family. Grandparents coming to stay at the house for the holidays? Put the children in charge of decorating the spare bedroom for their grandparents.

Above all take the time to let the children know that the Christmas spirit should not be displayed only in December. Show them by your example as loving and caring parents that the Christmas spirit of love and joy should be spread throughout the year.

Decorating the home at Christmas sets the tone for a wonderful holiday season. The food, the stories, and building the memories are what Christmas is all about. This 3 in 1 Christmas book is a must have for the holidays. Grab it here: Christmas.Article Source:

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