Designer Ski Wear – Fashion Meets Function

Published Date: October 23rd, 2008
Category: Fashion


An important part of any skiing trip is kitting yourself out in some really stylish ski wear. But looking stylish on the slopes is about much more than wearing the latest designer clothes. Ski wear is carefully made using the highest performing materials for comfort and warmth. Lately there have been a number of designer collaborations including Stella McCartney with Adidas for sports clothing. This has ensured that there is plenty of ultra stylish and high performing ski wear on the market. Style has always been an important part of skiing and for most people looking the part and looking stylish on piste is a must.

The latest fabrics and technology ensure that ski clothing is comfortable, warm and breathable. You can ensure that you look great whatever the conditions on the slopes by layering your clothes. This will keep you really warm but also allow you to remove layers to cool down if you start getting too warm. It is also important to have a good waterproof layer which will protect you from the wind and rain in the event of bad weather. Finally you will need to keep your hands and head really warm with some gloves or mittens and a lovely warm hat. This is a great way to add a bit of individuality to your ski outfit as there are so many options available. A pair of good sunglasses really completes the look and more importantly protects your eyes from the glare of the snow and sun.

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