Spooky Halloween Ideas

Published Date: October 23rd, 2008
Category: Holiday Fun


The most terrifying day of the year is approaching bringing along a tradition that comprises ancient beliefs that nowadays are mixed with the fun of the tricks and treats that characterize this day. Globalization has incorporated to Halloween other traditions as well, such as those coming from All Saints Day and the Day of the Dead that are celebrated during November 1st and 2nd in several countries outside de USA. However, nobody can resist the mixed emotions that come with Halloween no matter if adults and children believe or not in witches, ghosts, vampires, mommies and other monsters and creatures coming from the grave. The Halloween night is time for children to have fun, but because there is a child inside the heart of all of us, do not miss the opportunity to celebrate Halloween like a goblin, or perhaps a ghost?

Holding a Halloween festival at home is a nice idea and you can even award the best costume with a special candy treat or a creepy bottle of wine if you invite adults to share this spooky moment with you. With a little of imagination you can create quick Halloween crafts to decorate your home, while others are available at party supplies stores or online costumes and accessories shops.

Make sure that your home look creepy, but if your budget is short, remember the old ghosts’ trick and cover your furniture with white sheets and put a few others hanging here and there, including one covering an electric fan, if you have one, so it can “mysteriously fly” sometime during the party time. Sheets are cheap decorations as you can use those available for your bedrooms, and remember that sheets will not only protect your furniture but also will make your home look abandoned, the ideal climate for terrifying games.

Naturally, make sure to have enough pumpkins all over your house, whether real pumpkin fruits or those made of plastic and other material. Whenever it is possible a safe, put a candle inside the pumpkin or buy those decorative pumpkins that already com with it. Of course, you can use candles to illuminate all your rooms, but get those with different shapes and color including black, purple, orange, red and white and burn incenses close to them.

If you cannot use candles, cover your bulbs with red cellophane paper screens, but be cautious because high wattage bulbs can burn the paper. Create your own decoration with black and white cardboard cutting it with the form of vampires, witches, skulls, ghosts and pumpkins that later can be decorated with candies and give to your guests as a Halloween favor or souvenir.

An easy way to cover the walls, corners, doors, and windows of your home with spider webs is reinforcing a piece of black wool to decorate each place. Black and orange are the Halloween colors; put them everywhere, including orange flowers in black vases to create a funeral atmosphere. Round your Halloween decoration with accessories that you can find in specialty stores such as mooncostumes, at which you can find witch hats, spiders, brooms.

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