By Ellen R. Norman

With the Thanksgiving Holiday brings an added opportunity for calmness and relaxation, instead of stress and rushing around. Usually one of the most difficult things to do is finding activity’s or things your guests can do to help you with during the preparation of the day or weeks events.

I have at least five suggestions for you to try, that will make the day or the week a much calmer time for all of you.

1) As you make contact with family and friends, as they ask what can they bring to the dinner or the event, suggest that they start to make a list of things and people that they are grateful for. Past or present, living or not, if they start doing this on daily basis leading up to Thanksgiving Day they should have a fairly long list.

2) During your family meal on Thanksgiving Day ask your guests to just think about what they are grateful for. You know even the most negative, and unhappy people will be grateful for sunshine, rain, clean water and soap to wash their hands. The important thing is to reflect, to go quiet and inside yourself and ponder the questions.

3) Children in the family circle are very important, and please include even the smallest at the big table, not a table of their own, this only separates and alienates the little ones. The children have so much to contribute. Let them know how grateful you as an adult are to them, you can even give them light tasks to do so they feel good about the day, this too builds memories for them.

4) Men: yes, usually you have to pry their bodies away from the television set, football games dominate their thoughts, either the local high school or college games. Men can be asked to participate in being grateful too. I have found that most think gratitude has to be attached to an emotion or centered on their jobs. They use their competitive nature to relate to most things. Once they understand that they support their families with more than money. They have a strong physical presence in their home and in their community and of course the role model that they are for the children. Your role here is to remind them in a calming relaxed manner so they will feel like the hero’s they are, not beasties.

5) Starting a tradition is wonderful as an end of a holiday event. Collect the lists of gratitude’s, have many pictures taken to circulate later and give a remembrance note book to a newly wed or the person who traveled the farthest, so they can start planning for next year with ideas and fun.

You will find that I have listed things that cost very little, yet are extremely valuable in preserving calm and relaxed times. The opportunities to make this holiday fun and comfortable are available to you if you allow yourself to think in a calm and relaxed way.

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