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Published Date: November 21st, 2008
Category: Entertainment

By M. Markowski

General Information

World of WarCraft originally was released 23 November 2004 in North America, Australia and New Zealand for two platforms: PC and Macintosh.

Sales of the game after 24 hours amounted to 240 000, which is the highest level in the history of computer games.

There are available three versions: English, French and German.
World of Warcraft has been recognized as the best E3 game in 2003.
The first add-on to the World of WarCraft World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade will most likely come out in 2006.

The beginnings

World of Warcraft or at the beginning of his activities had some problems. On the one hand, the result of a large number of persons who purchased the game, but also the fragility of action server. The company Blizzard Entertainment has decided to suspend sales of games for some time after the start of the game.

Then the sale was adjusted to the number of servers running (so-called world or realm – a world or kingdom).

Due to the significant success of marketing and a high number of copies of the game happened with that the players were forced to wait in a queue to log on to some worlds. After adding more servers, queues have become much shorter and far less frequent, and resumed sales of the game. However, in some locations, such as Ironforge and Orgrimmar, players will experience the problems associated with the operation of servers and networks. The company Blizzard Entertainment has released a statement to undertake trials to solve these problems.

There are many quests in the game. But also there is a problem from where get some money. There is a many places where you can find some money, you can also earn it. There is also many books with information how to get additional money.
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