Christmas Flower Arrangement

Published Date: November 24th, 2008
Category: Holiday Fun

By George Sandler

Traditional arrangements come in a happy mix of green, red, and white fresh Christmas flowers ‘poinsettias’ and include Christmas cactus or holly with green leaves and red berries. Silk flowers can be used to achieve the very same type of effect.

Many people choose the beauty and festivity of a silk flower arrangement over traditional ones because of the inherent economical benefits that traditional arrangements do not offer. An additional benefit is that they are very easy to make and can therefore be prepared seasons before the rush of the Christmas holiday sets in. To begin with your Christmas silk flower arrangement, you will need the following items: a container, floral adhesive, pliers, wire cutters, flora tape, foam, and tape.

The lightweight container you chose for your Christmas silk flower arrangement shouldn’t be too wide, but it shouldn’t be too narrow, either. To begin, make a large silk flower arrangement in an urn-shaped container. In order to give your arrangement a sense of variety, choose different flowers in your textures. Also, as you are buying your flowers, holly, or berries – which, of course, should match the color of your room and give it a festive look – examine the edges carefully. Pick edges that look fresh and natural over ones that look frayed or damaged.

Your next step is to arrange the flowers. A wide opening is desirable, as it will help you show the actual shape of the flower. Place the stems into the foam. If you need to have longer stems, attach a piece of floral wire at the end of each stem, using floral tape. To get the best looking Christmas silk flower arrangement, vary the size of your stems. This will give your arrangement a sense of additional shape, which will in turn make the arrangement prettier.

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