Homemade Christmas Gifts

Published Date: November 28th, 2008
Category: Crafts, Holiday Fun

By Sumits Sharma

Master the art of gifting by making Christmas gifts on your own this year. Homemade Christmas gifts are certainly the most treasured and loved by our close ones. It may not be an expensive Christmas gift, but the maker’s special efforts involved in it make it invaluable. With our schedules getting tighter with time, it becomes very difficult for us to spare time for Christmas crafts. We understand this and therefore have come up with easy and quick ideas, which you can use in making homemade Christmas gifts.

While making Christmas crafts, never take anything as a waste. Anything and everything can be used. From old torn dresses, small flat back figures, ribbons, stockings, pressed flowers etc. Easy and cheap decorative components such as small bells, sequins, glitters, plastic berries etc can be bought too. With the help of all these things you can make an enticing homemade Christmas greeting card to wish your loved one Merry Christmas in a unique way.

Making photo frames can be another great idea. Take a piece of hard cardboard. Cut it into rectangular pieces. Join it one over the other in order to make it the shape of a photo frame keeping a lightweight glass in between. Paint the cardboard with oil pastel colors. Make designs of your choice over it with the help of a glue. The more you give it a Christian look then more the recipient can identify it as a Christmas gift. You can stick small Christmas ornaments to adorn the sides of it.

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