Painting As a Hobby Can Be Soothing!

Published Date: February 14th, 2009
Category: Graphic Arts

 By Anna Meenaghan

Most people think that at one time or another they would love to draw and or paint. Many too, think that they can’t and lack the confidence to even try. Art for some talented people is a natural born gift. Let’s face it some artists with no training are fantastic.

Others draw and paint and think nothing will be good enough, perfectionists one could say. It could be that you do not need any encouragement to actually get enthused. If you are enthusiastic you probably will go from strength to strength.

Starting in one medium and as you get more daring dabble in many others. This should not be a trial; you have to learn to enjoy it. At times you will find it quite frustrating, but both illuminating and fascinating your final result. Above all you can get a great deal of satisfaction from your work.

Actually you get so engrossed in it – you lose all track of time. Generally you can appreciate the tranquility that surrounds you. If you are a working person sometimes it is hard to set aside the time for this. However there are benefits as you will come to the conclusion that this can be your peace time. We all need time to ourselves at some point.

For others it may be a way of meeting new friends. If you join a local class, not only will you be learning, you can also discuss problems with your compatriots. This way you learn from each other.

Sometimes your teacher may bring in things to show you, that you never would have thought of to give you different perspectives.

From time you to time you will find yourself wandering round art galleries looking at various types of work by other artists. Usually artists probably bend towards a certain type of subject. You may see a whole collection of portraits (hard to do), or still life or coastal scenes.

Personally I like to go from one thing to another, you learn as you go along. Painting is something you need to be in the mood for, although if you are stressed it can be soothing. It is gratifying when you paint from your imagination and see what transpires; but you may just stop and sketch something roughly on your travels, or even copy something that grabs you.

Surprisingly it is quite good to start with oils. In some ways this is easier to handle. If you do not find your painting satisfactory, paint over it and start all over again. Or simply scrape the paint off.

There are so many art products available in different price ranges to encourage you. Ranging from wonderful pencils, crayons, pens, inks, water colors, to pastels and acrylics.

Summing up, as a hobby it is great. You can achieve and learn so much. With oils the only drawback is the length of time they actually take to dry and keeping them dust free. Acrylics I think are great fun. With them you can explode with colors right across the canvas, in so many ways.

They can be diluted or you can use them straight from the tube. What is the bonus? Well, they not only dry quickly, but also if you paint on a canvas there is no need to frame. Give them as presents to your friends, often they will be touched to receive such a personal gift.

Anna Meenaghan is a contemporary artist who has been involved in the arts most of her life. As a contemporary painter she is well positioned to give advice on most art subjects and enjoys passing on her experience in the form of tips to all art newbies and art enthusiasts. I have greatly benefited from her advice. Comment by Michael Bruckner.

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