By Murtaza Habib

What if you learned how to draw natural facial hair that gives your picture a natural appearance?

There are 5 simple steps that can get you started easily and instantly starting today.

Make sure you read the following steps and instantly act to improve your artistic experience…

1. Setup Layers.

Make sure that you setup facial hair in layers.

The surrounding skin needs to be taken into evaluation as the skin has its own color and texture.

Evaluate. How is the hair placed?

2. Position Of The Hair.

Consider how the facial hair is placed. Does the moustache lie over the upper lip or perfectly shaved with light hair around?

You need to consider these points. How broad or big is the moustache?

Does it connect with the beard? Take these points into consideration before you get started drawing.

You have to plan as to how to get the setup done for your drawing in advance.

Notice the movements of hair…

3. Movements of Hair.

Check out how the hair flows down. You will notice certain movements and shades.

You have to capture them into layers while you put them down on the paper to give it a natural look.

Make sure that you have just not pasted the hair on the face because beneath the hair lies the skin which is not having a smooth appearance as such.

Make sure to flow your hand freely…

4. Free Flow.

Hair can be easily drawn with a light and shady touch making your fingers flow over the paper.

It takes time to practice but make sure that you get it right by trying.

Do you know how to give a natural look?…

5. Give it a Natural Look.

Use a ‘Kneaded Eraser’ to give a lighter touch to fair hair. This will make it look natural.

Best forms of pencils you can use to include Hard Black or F pencils for excellent results.

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