The word ‘abstract’ literally means ‘to consider as a general quality or characteristic apart from specific objects or instances’.

Each artists has different views of the world. Instead considering the physical appearance of objects, the abstract artists emphasize on lines, colours and geometrical forms of the objects. While dealing with interrelationship of these aspects, an abstract painter keeps exploring until he or she succeeds in extracting the characteristics of a particular subject. For an example these artists would investigate about the objects regarding several core issues, say the anger or joy visible on a face of a man or a woman.

The artworks of abstract artists are called as ‘non-representational art’, too. While working under this style of painting, an artist becomes more adventurous in using colours and lines. They define differently the shapes of objects being painted.

The subjects of painting in abstract style of painting remain same as in the other styles. Abstract artists chose subjects like still life, landscapes and figures, buildings and flowers. But here the artists create difference while interpreting these subjects in relationship of their colours and shapes. In the case of using media there is no difference. These artists use all the means available in the field of art of painting, like watercolour, oil, pastel, gouache acrylic and collage.

After using all the techniques in the above forms and manners, the abstract artists create delightful world through the stunning images they conceive in their minds and transliterate on canvases. Some of the artists have tried painting female and male nudes, too, using the abstract style of painting.

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