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Published Date: September 8th, 2009
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Author: Chris Jensen

Online games are becoming very popular in recent years. This may be because many players from all over the world want to play online games for entertainment or even for money. Mafia Wars is an incredibly popular web-based game that is played by millions of people all around the world on many different social network sites. It is even considered to be the best online game played over the web. One of the most brilliant aspects about PC games is that a number of games have built-in secret cheat codes. Mafia Wars cheat codes are available over the web and are also built into the game application purposely by software program developers. However, you should avoid illegal actions like trying to hack the game program.

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The main purpose of these cheat codes is to help Mafia Wars players move to higher levels and let them gain trillions of dollars every second. But then again, developers started to discover various strategies that would be helpful for the players to get through the game. It is important, then, to determine the game strategy that you will use. There are various tactics available in order to attack the mafia players and win in this game. Some players save money while others attack other player2019s troops.

Another crucial aspect to win in this game is to grow the size of your mafia family as big as possible. You can try sending invitations to other players, asking them to join your family.

Other important aspects that will help you advance faster in the game include putting your money in the bank, gifting your family members, protecting your own family, buying more properties, choosing your weapons wisely, doubling your energy points, hit listing yourself, and visiting Cuba.

Rather than using cheat codes alone to get ahead of the game, combine the strategies along with the cheat codes to win in the fight and dominate Mafia Wars.

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