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Have you ever wondered how Scott Storch, Dr. Dre, Timbaland or The Runners make their music? I bet you are thinking that they have tons of equipment to work with. It may be true in a sense, but the top producers are now embracing technology when creating their beats, using less and less physical machines to do so. The truth is you don’t need anything other than the computer you are using right now to start making platinum hits! Hard to believe? This article will explain how to do so!

Advantages Of Making Beats On Computer

One advantage of making instrumentals on the computer is that they have a lot more memory than the conventional drum machines and keyboards like the AKAI MPC or KORG Triton. Some of these machines only have 128MB of on board RAM which is nothing compared to the average 1-2 year old personal computer which can have up to 512MB-4GB of RAM. Personal computers also have much faster processors and storage capacity than these machines.

Secondly, you do not have to keep bouncing your files from one machine to another as all the files you create are at your fingertips. You can save, export and modify files on the fly without having to use messy floppy discs, memory cards and hard drives that the traditional hardware keyboards and drum machines utilize.

Thirdly, you can have your entire arsenal of sounds inside one machine. If you feel like you need to do some physical music programming, you can purchase a MIDI keyboard to capture the “keyboard feel” or you can buy MIDI drum pads for the “MPC drum machine feel” without having to buy expensive hardware.

How To Get Started Making Beats On Your Computer

There are several offline programs on the market which are more streamlined and versatile than hardware keyboards such as FL Studio and Reason.

However, but the most beginner friendly and compatible program would have to be SonicProducer. SonicProducer allows the user to make instrumentals online and export them as MP3 tracks.

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If you are serious about rap beat making then getting the right program is eesential. You want to have a program with all of the benefits around and yet one that wont break the bank.

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