The XBox 360 Towel Trick – Towels Are For Wet Hair!

Published Date: September 8th, 2009
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Author: Dave Simpson
Thanks to its amazing range of games and unequalled power, the Xbox 360 has been the best selling games console for many years now. However, under that horny cover lurks a darker side, and one that rears its ugly head all too commonly. Yes, I’m speaking about the scary Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death.

The red Ring Of Death is so called because when the console overheats, it flashes 3 red lights on the front of the case indicating a hardware failure. The error is basically an effect of the Xbox 360’s slim line case and lack of acceptable cooling. If you play games for a substantial period of time, or if the console is stuck in a corner, or enclosed space then the heat isn’t able to dissipate fast enough and the console fails.

fortunately , it’s not terminal, although it will need you to use a fix ; simply restarting the machine won’t work I’m afraid. There are several fixes that may be applied to get rid of the red ring of death blunder, but firstly a word of warning. The so called Xbox 360 Towel Trick is a popular way to try and sort the problem.

This fix involves wrapping the console in a large bath towel and letting it overheat even more! The idea behind this is that the extraordinary heat will cause the broken solder tracks on the main board to ‘re-flow’ therefore fixing the difficulty. Your Xbox should be completely wrapped up in dry towels, so obstructing all the airflow and permitting an enormous amount of heat to build up within the case. The entire process should be done for roughly 15 mins, after which your Xbox 360 will unbelievably begin to work again.

I do not know where to begin telling you how bad an idea the Xbox 360 Towel Fix is. Not only is it a transient fix at best, but almost all of the time it just won’t work. Worse than this, {however | though] is the incontrovertible fact that you run a very high risk of setting your console, yourself and probably your house on fire. Do not try this perilous stunt. It could be free to try but you could lose a lot more than a few dollars saved instead of purchasing a proper guide.

So, the simplest way to mend your broken console without turning to the Xbox 360 towel trick? Easy, just get a downloadable guide from the internet, ideally one with clear high-res videos, and you can fix the problem yourself only using standard household tools in under an hour. I fixed my broken Xbox 360 eighteen months ago and its still running fine. Thanks to one of these guides also , I have been able to fix over forty other machines for chums, family and best of all.. Paying customers. I know this works, and what’s more all of my towels are where they belong – in the bathroom.


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