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It is an age old question.It has kept many a man up at night,pencil in hand,scribbling figures and measurements endlessly on ream after ream of paper.Still it perplexes even the most astute scholar of mathematics:How many lights should I put on my tree?When decorating indoor and outdoor trees for the holiday season,just how many lights should be used?The Christmas Light Source has found a solution to the problem.No more sleepless nights,no more endless formulas to compute.No,all you have to do is visit their website to see the Christmas Lights Calculator and answer a couple of questions to find out pretty much instantly how many lights you should put on your tree.
While not everyone decorates their tree the same way,this tool is a good place to start.Individual taste usually dictates how many lights a tree should have.What is simple to one person may be extravagant to another.There are not hard fast rules,but there are some standards that can work as guidelines for designing the perfect tree.The tool calculates the size of the tree and the type of lights that the person intends to use.It then recommends how many lights should be used,but they can do more or less,depending on personal taste.The calculator is intended for trees that have kept their leaves.In the case of a tree that has lost its leaves,Christmas Light Source recommends using up to half of that number of lights.For indoor trees,they suggest adding 30% to the highest recommended amount of lights if you like your Christmas tree lighting to be over the top.It should also be noted that the tool is trees.
“We had so many people calling in asking for advice,”says Shellie Gardner,co-owner of Christmas Light Source.”So we thought we’d create this tool to give them an easy way to see what changing the sets of lights would do for the quantity that would be required.”And it is certainly doing its job.Along with pithy but fun comments returned to users,the little tool keeps with the lightheartedness and humor that is prevalent throughout the Christmas Light Source website.They have managed to solve yet another holiday dilemma with a creative,effective,user friendly tool.Now,if they could only solve the fruitcake issue…
Christmas Light Source is a one stop shopping source for Christmas lighting needs.From hardware to lights and everything in between,Christmas Light Source has everything for holiday lighting decor as well as tips,tricks and do it yourself projects.For more information,visit their website at


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