Crafty Arty Bookmarks

Published Date: October 23rd, 2009
Category: Crafts

Working with beads is a good way of expressing your creativeness. It doesn’t only work on garments or jewelry, it works totally everywhere! By just releasing the creativeness out of your system, you can recreate fun and notable items that you and your friends can share together.

Do you have friends, kin or significant others who loves reading so much? Or do you know of someone that studies day in and out almost not having sufficient time to spend with you? Well you can make that person remember your fun memories together by gifting him with a beaded bookmark! It is so straightforward to make, so simple and totally no hassle! These beaded bookmarks are absolutely fun to use whether you adorn a store-bought bookmark with beaded tassels or make it totally from the start. Now your significant other will never forget you regardless of what he or she is doing!

Beaded bookmarks will make your books looks so fancy as they drape over your hardbound book bringing uniqueness to a row of books on the shelf. If you would like to make a fancier bookmark, you can do so by placing tassels over the top and the base of the bookmark. Coupled with a book or a journal, these fancy and inexpensive items will make wonderful present items any time of the year! Present given to family don’t have to be expensive so they might be appreciated.

Instead of buying a new bookmark, why not try to release your creativity? It is worth a try! What reminds you best of the person you are giving the bookmark to? Do you have a photograph of that person with you in it? Take that photo and edit it in the Net. Add on some meaningful message either at the back of the bookmark or below your picture. You are able to add some glitter in it if you’d like too. Have your work-of-art laminated.

Next, punch a hole into the uppermost portion of the bookmark. You can now create the beaded tassel. All you need is a string or a hemp wire and some assorted beads painted in different colors with holes that are big enough to fit the rope. If you’d like to form a more dashing look, you can substitute the string with an embroidery thread and tie a couple of your colored beads to the end part or finish it off with a dangling charm. Secure the tassel in place by stapling it or gluing it to make it safer. Easy isn’t it?

When you have the hang of making bookmarks and have given a few away, why not sell your own beaded jewelry creations? Reading is a very popular hobby and everyone is always keeping a lookout for a personalized bookmark.

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