Friendship Bracelets

Published Date: October 23rd, 2009
Category: Crafts


Do you want a great accessory to symbolize your fellowship to another? Try a friendship bracelet. They are personal and sentimental ; and the better part is that you can make them by yourself!

Friendship bracelets have been around for many years. Folk tradition claims that when anyone gives you a friendship bracelet, you must wear it and not remove it till it falls off on its own. Taking it off means that you are ending your friendship with the person that gave it to you.

These bracelets are very easy to make. Most designers use embroidery thread in making them but you can also opt to use hemp. There are a lot of knot styles to select from such as the double-chain knot and the plat but the most commonly-used one is the half-hitch knot. If you’re making the bracelet out of embroidery thread, try using 2 colors. You can also mix your favorite with that of your buddy’s to make it more personalized and remarkable.

When making the bracelet, begin by cutting three strands of one color and three strands of the other. You need to have a total of 6 strands in your hand. Tie a knot about an inch from the end of all six strands. Ensure that you secure the strands with a weight because you will be pulling on them. Form a single knot with the first 3 strands and another with the remaining three strands until the bracelet is the length you would like it to be. Secure the ends with another knot and trim them.

One way that you can make your friendship bracelet more special is to add beads to them. You can even select beads that are symbolic to you and your chum. Try searching for beads that represent what it is that you like about your friend or maybe something that reflects both of your personalities.

To add beads to your bracelet, simply thread floss into a needle and string the beads according to the pattern that you like. Watch out when stringing your beads so you won’t make that many mistakes. It’s also useful to design the pattern before you begin making the bracelet.

Creating friendship bracelets is really a good way to bond with your friend. It’s simple and easy to make plus the product is truly something you will both cherish for ages.

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