The Art Of Rubber Stamping

Published Date: October 24th, 2009
Category: Crafts


Rubber stamps are one of the various craft supplies that really add that something extra to your scrapbook layouts. It’s important to have the right materials to hand before you start stamping your scrapbook paper.

I would always advise you test your Rubber Stamps and your scrapbook page ideas before using the design to your actual project. This way if you’re not happy with the result your original scrapbook page will not be ruined.

Always apply the ink to your stamp by gradually but resolutely taping the ink pad onto the rubber stamps as this will ensure a more even coverage. If you press the stamp onto the ink you will find unwanted ink is applied to the edges of the stamp. For most impressive results make sure you are employing a hard flat surface.

When you apply rubber stamps to the paper to form your image, watch out not to rock the stamp and keep your hand as steady as you can. Press all areas of the stamp and gently lift the stamp off in an upwards motion to avoid smearing your scrapbook page.

do not touch the stamped image until you are sure it is dry as this could cause it to smudge. You can also emboss the image or heat it with a heat tool to hurry up the drying process.

if you’re new to rubber stamping I’d counsel you buy rubber stamps that you can use repeatedly again. Alphabet and background stamps being the most typical rubber stamps can be used for many ideas for scrapbooking pages.

Rubber stamps come in several forms, mounted and unmounted. A mounted rubber stamp is mostly mounted onto wood or an acrylic block. Though mounted stamps may cost a little more they are ready to be used and good for making scrapbook page layouts if you’re new to stamping.

Stamping is a truly great way of making backgrounds for your scrapbook ideas that may always be unique. One of the easiest techniques of making a background is to simply stamp one or more pictures regularly over a scrapbook page, using different colored ink or embossing powder till you get the look you need.

if you are going to stamp onto different surfaces then ensure you have the correct ink as some surfaces particularly if they’re glossy will need a permanent ink.

Above all it is highly important to clean your rubber stamps after each use. If you have used a fast drying permanent ink such as stazon you will need to purchase an expert cleaning solution to remove the ink from the pad. Most standard inks can simply be removed with an alcohol free wipe.

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