Personalized Crystal Ornaments Are Priceless

Published Date: December 1st, 2009
Category: Holiday Fun

By Chuck Hugan

With the Christmas season almost upon us, and a fairly horrible year almost behind us as well, turning to your family and sharing the Holidays has more meaning than ever. I have had personal experience this year of receiving more support than I could ever imagine from my family. If not, this post article would never have happened!

That being said, I am seriously considering ordering personalized crystal ornaments for all of those that helped me in the preceding 12 months. I have looked hard and long at various suppliers such as Personal Creations and the Ornament shop. I’ll likely order something from both as they each have items that cater to the diverse personalities that helped me. Two of my personal choices include:

Ornament Shop

-Birthstone crystal ornament
-Double decker bus for our British friends!
-Ambulance and fire truck for the first responders
-Yachts for the seafarers

Personal Creations

-Hanukkah ornaments and decorations
-Angel bell for “It’s A Wonderful Life” fans
-Baby’s 1st Christmas
-Family ornaments with up to six figurines
-Kwanzaa gifts

There are plenty of sites that provide a wide variety of non-personalized Christmas and crystal ornaments. You should check out these sites as well:

– Bombkarnia has old Europe style ornaments including detailed beading, lace and a variety of themed crystal ornaments sure to bring back memories. I like their nutcrackers and what looks like a tunic with elaborate decoration. Bombkarnia also has a wide selection of animal and pet creations including parrots, cats, dogs and fish. One cannot forget the creatures that provide their unconditional love as long as we feed and care for them!

Lenox has been a favorite ornament shop for decades and continues to provide excellent selection and service. You can’t go wrong with them as many or their ornaments become collector’s items.

-Corporate gifts, for a few to a few hundred, can be found at Branders. They can produce a variety of ornaments and personalized gifts in volume and on time. Definitely worthy of a look if you have to go for bulk quantities.

For more information on crystal and personalized ornaments, check out:

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