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The Christmas tree is the traditional reminder of holiday joy, but many of us live in smaller houses, apartments, or condos, and may not have room for a full sized one. Or we may have room for a full sized one, but may want more than one, perhaps a tree in the front hall, bedroom, or our office.

We have a full sized natural one every year, and wouldn’t trade it for anything, however we also have a number of smaller trees as well. These are often called tabletop Christmas trees, even thought they are not necessarily always on tabletops! For many people these smaller tabletop choices may be the only possible option.

We have one in the hall where a full sized tree wouldn’t fit and I also place one in my office. These smaller trees of ours are artificial, although you could use a natural tree as well. Even a potted plant, perhaps a topiary, bonsai, or even a rubber tree works well too!

Most small trees are artificial these days, and there are lots of options available. There are trees that look entirely real, perhaps imitating a Monroe Pine or other popular variety, as well as silver, red, pink, green and other colored ones as well!

With some imagination, you can get trees as small as six inches up to maybe 4 ½ feet, perhaps the upper limit of a small tree. With all these options there is no reason not to have a tree everywhere you’d like!

For more information on choosing a small or tabletop tree, visit Tabletop Christmas Trees. There are both pictures and some suggestions you might find appropriate at Tabletop Christmas Trees.

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