How to Hang Christmas Lights Outside

Published Date: December 2nd, 2009
Category: Holiday Fun

By Ann Cohen

Every year we approach the task, welcome or not, of hanging our Christmas lights. My husband and I do it together and I am the so-called co-pilot. I love it, he on the other hand, well. I like a nice orderly look, all white lights and icicles on the roof with green on the bushes and red by the candy canes. A nice clean look. Here’s a few tips from someone who has been there and done that for too many years to count.

The first thing to do is to determine what you need. How many strings of lights do you need for your roof line? Determine where your power supply is, how you supply power and how many extension cords you will need and a remote to turn the lights off if you do not have an inside switch, don’t want to be outside in the cold to turn off your lights. You will also need roof clips to attach your lights to the roof line and don’t forget the ladder.

If you need to purchase new lights, always check the cord color, white or green. The new LED lights are more energy efficient and a good investment for future outside decorating.

Assembling all your supplies before you start will eliminate unneeded frustration while hanging your outside Christmas lights.

Start Hanging Your Christmas Lights….

While starting to hang your ourside lights, alway keep safety in mind. Make sure the ladder is secure, don’t reach from the ladder and take into consideration the outside elements, is it wet or slippery, and take precautions to prevent any slips or falls.

Make sure that the lights are in working order, prior to attaching clips. There are different types of clips, icicle clips, gutter clips and shingle clips. Attach the clips to the lights before hanging the lights, or stakes if you are using lights in the ground. Always keep some extra clips in your pocket. For C9’s, each light get a clip and make sure that all the lights are pointed in the same direction, up or down. This will keep the lights uniform and tight. Decide where to start and make sure that the male and female connections are correct.

Either from the roof or ladder, clip the lights onto the roof line, since you have already put the clips on the lights, it is just a matter of clipping the lights to roof or gutter. If you are using a nail gun or staple gun,not recommended, be careful not to staple into the string of lights, the better option is to use clips to hang your Christmas Lights outside. If you come across a spot which will not layout, such as on a peak, just keep the lights even on both sides.

Once you have finished hanging the Christmas Lights outside, you can sit back have a cold drink or a hot one if it is cold outside and take in the breath taking beauty of your decorated home.

Ann Cohen is a mom, wife, friend and caterer who love babies, “green”, decorating and holiday’s. Being able to entertain and decorate on a budget is important today and loves finding that “great deal.” To get some more tips on the how to’s of many topics, green and saving money check out Hang Christmas Lights Outside and browse her selection of how to’s…

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