How to Make Your Own Rich, Creamy, and Cheap Eggnog

Published Date: December 3rd, 2009
Category: Holiday Fun

By Jamie Ellerman

Holiday time is quickly coming, and what better way to celebrate the season than a glass of warm, creamy eggnog. But with prices climbing every year, costing as much as 3$ a quart, there’s never been a better time to learn how to make this treat yourself. Nothing’s better than homemade eggnog, not to mention it’s cheaper than store bought, fast and easy to make too.

So why buy when you can, in perhaps a minute or two, make a better cheaper eggnog yourself? The recipe is for a single serving, but can be easily multiplied to serve as many as you’d like, everything should work fine with no adjustments needed.

For this you’ll need 1c milk, 1 large egg, 1tbsp. sugar, 1/4tsp. vanilla, and a bit of grated nutmeg. If you want to make it an ‘adult’ drink, an ounce of your favorite alcohol can be added. I’d recomend spiced rum or Amaretto, but brandy, whiskey, or anything else you like can work as well.

First combine everything in a large cup, if you have a big measuring cup, it should work great, pouring and measuring as you add everything. Next you just blend it all up with a hand blender, making sure to keep it just below the surface so as to incorporate air into the mixture. The more air you get in there, the richer and creamier it will be. Doing this your eggnog will double in volume, which is why using a large cup to start is a good idea. You could also use a standard blender if you don’t have one of the stick varieties, blending on high until it’s doubled in volume.

Once you have it the consistency you want, slowly pour in the alcohol if you’re adding it, giving it enough time to incorporate.

That’s it, in about a minute you have homemade eggnog! Pour it into a glass and enjoy. If you like it warm, simply pop it into a microwave for a minute and a half, making sure you’re using a microwave safe glass. Happy holidays!

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