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Kids are not kids when they are not allowed to play. That is the one of the things that brings them to joy, the right to play. Parents and adults should understand that kids need their play time to be able to grow up to be well-rounded individuals. Of course, too much playing can also be detrimental to their physical health. One of the things that parents and other adults who are in the presence of children is the age appropriateness of games such as computer games. Parents seem to think that all computer games are appropriate for their kids when in fact some of the games can do more harm than good for them. Of course, there are a lot of computer games that are educational and will teach the child more than a parent could ever hope for. But you have to screen before they even begin to download kids games.

There are a number of sites where your kids can download kids games for free or a minimum fee although there are circumstances wherein the sites have harmful virus or adware or the game itself is dangerous for the mental and psychologically stability of the kids.

Thus, make sure that before your child even begins to download kids games, you already screened the games so you are sure that your child is safe and your computers are already safe from viruses and other malicious software that can enter the system without your child noticing that something is already wrong.

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