The Holidaze

Published Date: December 6th, 2009
Category: Holiday Fun

By C. Imanon

It’s that time of the year, again. Once again, Americans will go through the ‘holiday season’ ritual. This is the ritual where we go through the motions of spreading goodwill and cheer. Somewhere in the news we’ll hear of some person being offended for being greeted with the phrase, “Merry Christmas”. Those of us who are religious will no doubt, be offended by the lack of ‘Christian-themed’ Christmas decorations in stores. Most of us will go about in a frenzy trying to get last minute gifts and presents, while showing zero ‘holiday cheer’ when regarding our fellow man. Check out any mall or store in America between November 1st & December 23rd, and you’ll see what I mean.

More and more, I am led to believe that the American retail industry have got this holiday thing down. Merchants understand that this period of time is nothing more than a period to shore up the bottom line. It makes me wonder why we even celebrate these days or take them off. Any religious significance left in Christmas has been chopped-up and boiled down to a day to present gifts and return those gifts for the half-off sale the very next day! Christs’ birth date is always disputed and personally, I’ve always held that His death and resurrection was far more significant than Christmas anyway!

Well, I can gripe and grouse all I want but, I guess we’ll never get away from the fact that we Americans need ‘the holiday season’. In it’s myriad of flavors and ways of celebrating; we need that period of time to ponder ourselves, try charity and reconnect. The modern American lifestyle places too much emphasis on chasing material wants and needs. Even though the Christmas holiday season completely hyper-focuses on that very point; there does come a time when all of the shopping and bustling stops. All of the gifts have been given, and all of the money is spent. There comes a moment when we can stop, and contemplate ourselves, try charity and reconnect with our fellow man.

Inside me, I wish that all of the ‘holiday cheer’ and ‘goodwill towards men’ shtick, was real. I know that is simply blind naivete on my part. The realization of that understanding kinda…hurts, but the good thing is knowing that I can focus on what’s good so; Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa & Happy Holidays to those of you who wish to receive a simple holiday greeting.

C. Imanon is not the embodiment of Scrooge!

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