By Jacqueline Strong

There is a distant sound of bells ringing in the air, elves are working around the clock, mince pies cooking in the oven and wine being bottled as the festive season is about to hit us. If you intend to throw the Christmas fancy dress party of the year, then I am sure your planning will be in full flow right now. And, if you have children to dress up, your head could be whirling faster than a spinning top trying to sort out those costumes for everyone. There is such an abundance of classic Christmas costumes to a multitude of themes to choose from so, with that in mind, let us take a look at some options to help throw the best party bash on the block.

You cannot go wrong with the little ones in the family as they will look gorgeous whatever you dress them in, but, as it is Christmas, you can choose from such classics as angel, elf, snowman, reindeer and little Miss Santa. Let us start by taking a look at fairies.

INFANT SUGAR PLUM FAIRY – Cute beyond words is what your little sweetheart will look like in this fairy costume. They are traditionally pink and/or purple in colour and made up of lightweight shiny material shaped into petals to form the dress. Divine little curled-up toes set off the little green booties. Fairy wings are a must-have along with the adorable flower and leaf-style headpiece. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee your little darling will keep the headpiece on so take photos early and remember that the well-being of your little one is paramount – always put them in outfits which they can be comfy in when they are ready for a nap. The dress itself is so lightweight, therefore it is very comfortable to wear. Your little girl will be a real little scene-stealer in this fancy dress.

LITTLE GIRLS’ DISNEY PRINCESS – Our darling daughters have loved dressing up as soon as they could walk and the Disney Princess costumes are just simply beautiful with the Princess Tiara, from the Princess and the Frog, Cinderella and Princess Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty, to choose from. The Aurora costume is a stunning creation with pink being the most popular colour. Normally ankle length, the skirt is shaped and layered from a fitted bodice. Some of these can be quite beautifully detailed with braiding and jewels. Long and sheer or short and puffy sleeves seem to be the popular options. Again, this is the perfect costume to add that dab of glitter on the cheekbones for a great effect. Adding plain or glittery pink ballet-style shoes or slippers and a jewelled crown will have your little girl melting everyone’s hearts. TIP: If she decides she does not want a crown, then a pink sequinned hair band would not look out of place.

YOUNG MUMS’ FLUTTERY FAIRY – For the young at heart mum who wants to be fluttery and feminine, you could leave hubby breathless in the knock-out fairy costumes around. Pink remains popular with this particular style dress, featuring embroidered detailing, with gathered tulle trim and a layered underskirt in a rainbow of colours! Matching sheer fairy wings and a wand are must-haves. This stunning style is delicate and super gorgeous. Long flowing hair will have many believing you have just dropped from heaven.

YOUNG LADIES’ GLITTERY WITCH – Although it is Christmas, once our little ladies have made up their minds about anything you just cannot budge them and you will find that not all of them want to be a fairy princess or an angel. Do not panic as there are some stunningly elegant and very sparkly gorgeous witches’ outfits around. Black is the obvious base colour and these costumes are then overlaid with various coloured tulle material shaped in points on the edge of the dress. Adorned with sequins, it makes for a spectacular look. Add some plain black ballet-style slippers and a super tall black glittery witch’s hat to see your daughter casting a magical spell over everyone.

GRANDMA MRS CLAUS – We just cannot leave grandmas out, can we? And we must not forget that they might like to join in the festivities and dress up, too, while mulling over their wine and tucking into mince pies. With a wide range of Santa outfits to choose from, comfort is probably all-important so grandma can take her pick from top and pants or dress style. If she feels like going the whole hog, then why not add a traditional Mrs Claus wig and glasses? Comfortable red slippers would not look out of place and would set off the outfit a treat. Try some red sparkly ones for effect.

Christmas is a magical time for families and a great opportunity for everyone to don their favourite fancy dress costume. Whether you are looking for traditional Christmas, animal or superhero kiddies’ costumes, to view an extensive range and all accessories click here Christmas Infant Fancy Dress
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