By Harold Baldwin Platinum Quality Author

I love aluminum Christmas trees. Their simple yet beautiful and sparse designs are simply gorgeous. They are a no fuss, ecologically good, and no mess option. They do not need watering, they do not drop needles, they can be reused year after year, and there is no need to get rid of a dead tree after the holiday season. The price is also right. Even if you go for a very high end tree, it pays for itself after a few years, and a more economical aluminum one can may cost no more than one natural tree as they are getting very expensive these days. Live natural ones cost around $50 and up in rural New England and often much more in big cities, especially as you head south and transportation costs rise.

Aluminum trees were first introduced in the 1950s and became popular in the 1960s. They looked strange and “space age” back then, yet beautiful, and were often displayed with a color wheel, a device that alternately shined different colored lights on them. My grandparents had one when I was young and it was a much simpler and more practical option for them than dealing with a natural tree each year, especially as they were aging. My aunt and uncle in the city also found it to be a great city option.

I love them sparsely decorated as they are naturally shiny, and just a few decorations are all that’s needed. I like a few red or blue round ornaments, although everyone has their own preferences.

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